Jackie + Nate | 3.22.14 | Osteria Via Stato Chicago IL | Laura Witherow Weddings

As this unbearable Chicago winter finally draws to a close we were lucky enough to be apart of Jackie and Nate’s March 22nd wedding! I honestly could not think of a better way to start the 2014 wedding season then by documenting this cute and truly amazing couple. It is such a  wonderful feeling to witness two people who were obviously destined to be together tie the knot. I cannot put into words the undeniable love the Jackie and Nate share with one another. Just watching them together at their sweetheart table during dinner as Nate of course served Jackie:) Alain and I watched on in adornment at their happiness. Surrounded by close family and friends, Jackie and Nate celebrated in style at Osteria Via Stato. A excellent Chicago restaurant with a very intimate feel and fabulous food!

Jackie and Nate, Your wedding day was a magical mix of happiness and pure joy. Thank you for letting us be apart of it. Cheers to you both as you start this new journey together. XO-Laura

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Engagement Session Tips + Photo Shoot Location Ideas | Laura Witherow Photography Engagements

Engagement portrait sessions are a ideal way to get used to being in front of the camera and a even better way to get used to working with your wedding photographer. I adore the opportunity to work with my couples one on one prior to their big day. We bond, we talk, we get to know one another. Developing personal relationships with my couples is part of my business. It is what sets a independent photography studio apart from the larger corporate studios. During the engagement session, I guide you through poses so that  you can get comfortable being in front of the camera. We take time trying out different looks so by the time your wedding day comes, our day-of photo session is a cake walk. Well, maybe not a cake walk but I guarantee that you will feel much more confident about having a camera on you when the big day rolls around and we come knocking on the hotel door!

10 Engagement Session Tips 

  • Ladies, wear more makeup than you usually do! Even though you may feel like it looks too fake or heavy in person it will look better on camera, I promise! It is even a good idea to schedule your wedding makeup trial for your wedding day on the day of your engagement session!
  • Wear clothes that fit you well! Nothing too baggy or too tight as these things are accentuated on camera and usually end up not being very flattering.
  • Wear some color! Gone are the days where we need to wear matching white shirts and jeans! Rich colors look fantastic, plum purple, deep red, rich green…etc. You and your love should coordinate your colors without being too “match match.”
  • Accessorize! Belts, hats, scarves, necklaces, and of course very cool shoes. Don’t underestimate the power of some cool shoes at a photo shoot! Show some personality with your accessories. Look at some pictures in style magazines if you are having trouble putting together a look. See what you like and go shopping, have fun!
  • Men, be aware of your socks! There is nothing worse than a great shot of you two with some white tube socks taking all the attention away!
  • Ladies, leave your large purse in the car! Unless you desperately need it, we don’t need it in the photos. If you want to bring lipstick, your phone or keys, I can hold them for you. Same goes for the guys too!
  • Relax… The most important thing to remember is to try to relax. Focus on each other and not me. I will direct you to be where I need and help you to know what to do. I will give you more direction if needed, but if I am not talking, just keep snuggling or smooching!
  • Some wonderful affectionate gestures that look great on camera… Guys: kiss her cheek, her nose, her forehead… Girls: smile or close your eyes when he does. Whisper something sweet into each other’s ears.
  • Remember that you are in love! That is why you are doing this; it is more about that than looking perfect. Be yourself and let me take care of the rest!


Engagement Session Location Ideas

Lincoln Park, Chicago Illinois

Union Station 225 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606

Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge (Kinzie + Canal)

North Avenue Beach 

The Museum Campus

Millennium Park and The Art Institute of Chicago

 Train Tracks, Graffiti and Old Buildings in Urban Chicago

Jane Addams Memorial Park and PFC Milton Olive Park

Pumpkin Patches, Forest Preserves and Animals

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